Cardinal on Top of the World



The Apple Coral Cardinal is individually hand carved by my dear friends Matthew and Stephanie Mitchell who live in New Mexico and have been expert stone carvers for over 40 years.  The cardinal rests atop a large apple coral bead.  My design is accented with orange spiny oyster, turquoise, and apple coral beads.  The Bird on Top of the World pendant is strung on an adjustable 15-17 inch  cotton cord.  The pendant including the bale is 4 inches long and features a large bale that can fit 8-9mm beads, should you decide to wear the pendant on other beads.

The inspiration for the Cardinal Necklace is remembering the numerous beautiful red male cardinals (symbolized by the red apple coral)  and the more orange/red female cardinals (symbolized by the orange spiny oyster) that visited our yard when we lived in Beverly MA- before returning to live in my home state of New Mexico.

I design my Bird on Top of the World/ and Animal on Top of the World pendants using hand-carved stone fetishes by my dear friends Stephanie and Matthew Mitchell.  Each bird or animal sits atop a stone and my designs typically incorporate other stones, crystals, and metal in the designs, all striving to bring out the beauty of the unique hand carved bird or animal.

The idea is that when you wear your Bird or Animal on Top of the World pendant hopefully you too will feel like a Bird or Animal on top of the world!  Enjoy! 




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