My jewelry is inspired by the beauty of nature, including birds and animals. I use stones, crystals and stone fetishes carved by my friends Stephanie & Matthew Mitchell in NM.  My designs often celebrate events like the change of seasons, the return of hummingbirds & crows, our neighbor’s baby goats, and more.

My Bird on Top of the World pendants incorporate birds (or other animals) sitting atop various stones.  When you wear your Bird on Top of the World pendant, hopefully you too will feel like a Bird on Top of the World!

I sell at the Los Ranchos Art Market and occasionally in Los Alamos or Albuquerque. 

My wild drawings are inspired by my love for animals.

Happy to be back in her home state of NM,Gordene has received awards for her college teaching, her work as radio talk show host & producer, and for her activism.