9 Purple Turquoise hummingbirds on Amethyst Necklace




Can we ever have enough Purple?

This dramatic Purple necklace features 9 Purple Turquoise hummingbirds each individually hand carved by Matthew and Stephanie Mitchell in NM.  The hummingbirds are strung with large amethyst stones.  Each bird is framed by a purple turquoise bead.  The design is called Purple Magic.  The necklace measures 33 inches including an adjustable 51/2 chain so you can wear it shorter or longer.

Try pairing it with the short amethyst necklace with a winged hummingbird, and/or a bird on top of the world, and/or matching earrings.

According to stone lore in The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons amethyst ” is a stone of spiritual protection and purification” that helps one move to higher consciousness.

You can download a free copy of  The Book of Stones  E book.







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